Wadazine Flag Fest #133 - Wadazine CTF (Part I)

2024-04-27 • AF-Domains • (Blogs - Wadazine)           

Date / Time: Sunday 28th April 2024 / 20:00 EDT (01:00 BST / 19:00 CDT)
Location: Dwango United New Jersey (or type Wadazine into the search tool)

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For WFF this week we will be playing our first 'in-house' map pack: Wadazine CTF - in 3 parts!

This is made by 3 members of the Wadazine hosting staff - MrPred, Arrowhead12, and Endless! We will be playing this in 3 parts, with the first 10 maps being played this Sunday!

We'll continue playing the week after, but we may slot in a different pack at some point, and then return to Wadazine CTF!

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