Upcoming Borderless Fullscreen changes in 1.10.23

2023-08-21 • AF-Domains • (General ZDaemon News)           

  • The options within the Video Modes section for determining
    Windowed, Borderless Fullscreen or Native Fullscreen
    have been simplied

You will be able switch between Windowed, Borderless Fullscreen
and Native Fullscreen by making use of the new Video Mode option.
(CVAR: vid_mode)

The older fullscreen and fullscreen_bl CVARs will be migrated
transparently to the new vid_mode CVAR.

  • Borderless Fullscreen is no longer limited to the primary screen

If you've got more than one monitor connected (and the displays are
configured to extend), you will be able to select which screen to
use by making use of the Monitor option (This option is only
displayed if more than one screen is connected and configured to extend).

  • Resolutions will now maintain their proper aspect ratio in
    Borderless Fullscreen

By default your selected resolution will maintain its aspect ratio,
black borders (or grey borders for preview purposes while in Video Modes)
will encompass the area outside of the game projection.

Note 1: This also applies to general Windowed mode in order for the
game projection to maintain its aspect ratio within the window.

Note 2: If maintaining aspect ratio for the game projection is not
desired, this can be overridden by setting vid_override_ar
to true from the console.

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