ZDS #246 - Haxsphere

2012-05-16 • Krawa • (ZDS News)           

YO Deathmatch people,
it is time to play Haxmod with the mighty Haxsphere next Saturday (2012-05-19)!

The "Haxsphere" will spawn at one of the player DM starts on each map.
Whoever picks it up becomes "Teh Hax0r". This means:
- They will be healed up to 100% health
- They gain computer area map and lite amp.
- All damage dealt to them is reduced by 75%
- They turn red and have a huge arrow follow them around
- Their ammo will continually be replenished
- They are also made slightly translucent
When the Hax0r is killed the Haxsphere will be dropped for someone else to take.

Let's play that with the Greenwar2 maps.

Thanks to Cybershark for the mod.

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