ZDaemon 1.10.22 - 2022-12-19 Sub-release

2022-12-19 • AF-Domains • (General ZDaemon News)           

A sub-release for ZDaemon 1.10.22 dated 2022-12-19 is now out.

The client and all server builds have been updated and are available via the Downloads page.

The changelog has also been updated.

Highlights are as follows - these account from the previous 2022-12-02 sub-release as well:

- Autocompletion for $playername added in online mode and demo
playback (e.g. spy $pla <TAB>). Last entered characters will be
completed now (e.g. bind x menu_k <TAB>).

- PatchInfo notices now include the rule number; this is to assist
with debugging.

- Removed a bit of ambiguity concerning the functionality of voice
chat in private non-teamplay deathmatch games.
Added "Voice Chat" to menu "Sound Options".

- Fix for a problem with "3D Sound" where some sounds were played at
full volume.

- Tweaks to the handling of latched cvars:
* Pending values will now be displayed when viewing the given cvar.
* If you set a latched value back to its current value, it will
cancel out any pending changes to the given cvar.
* A new "list_latched" console command will list any pending cvar
changes. *** NOTE: Only usable in SP mode on the client and C/S
mode on the ZServ or via RCON. ***

- Protection for Mapinfo for maximum length of map names and
erroneous end of lines.