ZDaemon 1.10.22 has been released

2022-10-03 • Krawa / AF-Domains • (General ZDaemon News)           

ZDaemon 1.10.22 is now available; ZDaemon Launcher users will be able to update by going to Help -> Check for Updates.

The Linux and BSD ZServ binaries are available via the Downloads page.

This version contains several nice additions, improvements and fixes; for the full run-down you'll want to check out the changelog.

Please note: Similar to the last release, 1.10.22 servers will require all players to update to the latest version.


- Fix for ZDaemon "ghost entries" in alt-tab menu. It happened in Windows 11 when the client was closed.

- CVar Overrides on other maps can now be touched while current map overrides are active.

- Added in the cl_unlag_lowping client-side opt-out cvar. When this is enabled unlagged calculations won't apply to your targets while you are equal to or below the reference ping threshold. This has also been added to the 'Player Setup' area for easy adjustment. ***

- Added in the 'Per ammo ZD' and 'Big ammo ZD' Ammo block dehacked properties.

Player Setup Preview

 unlag_lowping_ps.PNG (185 KB)