Connection Difficulties - Australia

2022-09-30 • AF-Domains • (General ZDaemon News)           

There have been various reports regarding some Australian players being unable to connect to any ZDaemon service.

The cause appears to be an issue with certain ISP-specific DNS servers. (Telstra, usually on non-cellular)

For whatever reason the domain will not resolve.

Some underlying unrelated changes have been made recently that may or may not have made a difference when it comes to this longstanding headache.

IF you have indeed be affected by this, I would recommend attempting to access our main site or connect to the master once more to see whether this is still an issue.

If this is still an issue, a confirmed way to get around this is to make use of the Google DNS servers:

Or if you prefer, OpenDNS, CloudFlareDNS (or other free DNS providers).

If you happen to know a player that is affected by this (typically the website will not resolve), pass the above on if possible.

*** If there has indeed been any change as of this date (whether positive or negative), please get in contact via the ZDaemon Discord. ***