Survival Messages Community Project

2022-09-03 • Krawa • (General ZDaemon News)           

Hello ZDaemon Community,
it's time for a community project to get more Survival messages.
Below is a list with the message we use at the moment and we want to increase that.

%s will be replaced by the player's name.
SURVIVAL_EXIT are the messages when a player loses his/her last life.
SURVIVAL_LAST is the last alive player.

So feel free to post your suggestions to the forum!

SURVIVAL_EXIT_1    = "%s didn't make it.";
SURVIVAL_EXIT_2    = "%s bites the dust.";
SURVIVAL_EXIT_3    = "%s declares his candidacy for the Darwin Awards.";
SURVIVAL_EXIT_4    = "%s has been terminated.";
SURVIVAL_EXIT_5    = "%s failed.";
SURVIVAL_EXIT_6    = "%s fouled out.";
SURVIVAL_EXIT_7    = "%s checked into the Wooden Waldorf.";
SURVIVAL_EXIT_8    = "%s was chucked out feet first.";
SURVIVAL_EXIT_9    = "%s checked out.";
SURVIVAL_EXIT_10   = "%s gave up the ghost.";
SURVIVAL_EXIT_11   = "%s is no more.";
SURVIVAL_EXIT_12   = "%s kicked the bucket.";
SURVIVAL_EXIT_13   = "%s left the building.";
SURVIVAL_EXIT_14   = "%s mailed in his warranty card.";
SURVIVAL_EXIT_15   = "%s met his maker.";
SURVIVAL_EXIT_16   = "%s went on permanent vacation.";
SURVIVAL_EXIT_17   = "%s is now pushing up daisies.";
SURVIVAL_EXIT_18   = "%s stepped out for good.";
SURVIVAL_EXIT_19   = "%s has been taken out of production.";
SURVIVAL_EXIT_20   = "%s was beamed up.";
SURVIVAL_EXIT_21   = "%s went off-line.";
SURVIVAL_EXIT_22   = "%s has joined the choir invisible.";
SURVIVAL_EXIT_23   = "%s has been taken out of circulation.";

SURVIVAL_LAST_1    = "%s, all hope is in your hands!";
SURVIVAL_LAST_2    = "%s, you're humanity's last hope!";
SURVIVAL_LAST_3    = "%s, it's all up to you now! Try not to die.";
SURVIVAL_LAST_4    = "%s, you're the last one left! Don't do anything stupid.";
SURVIVAL_LAST_5    = "%s, it all comes down to you now!";
SURVIVAL_LAST_6    = "%s, you're the last one alive!";
SURVIVAL_LAST_7    = "%s, it's just you and the monsters now!";
SURVIVAL_LAST_8    = "%s, all pressure lies on your shoulders!";
SURVIVAL_LAST_9    = "%s, all your friends are gone. I hope you came prepared!";
SURVIVAL_LAST_10   = "%s, we're all counting on you!";
SURVIVAL_LAST_11   = "%s, you are the last of your kind left standing!";
SURVIVAL_LAST_12   = "%s, you're the only thing separating us from the abyss.";
SURVIVAL_LAST_13   = "%s, it's your time to shine!";