Euro New School Tourney April 2011 - Survival!

2011-05-21 • dewww • (European Tournaments)           

Okay, we're leaving the usual business and going for the experiments. We'll be joining the North American survival tourney with an independent Euro division. The system will be the same and the winner of our tourney will meet the winner of their tourney in a grand final, details on that later in another place.

It will be a coop survival tourney played 2v2, it should resemble classic invasion for better head to head matching of teams. Monster kills act as winning points. The style will be semi-newschool with freelook and item respawn, but no jumping. Kudos to worst for his xnoob survival map and to Danny for carving the rules!

Rules (Different this time, please read them carefully):
  • The tournament will be a team based event. Teams of 2 with a maximum of 8 teams total.

  • Winner of the match will be decided based on which team ends up with the most monsters killed at the end of the round. Both teams will be entering the round at the same time. The team that has the best out of 3 rounds wins the match. (rounds that is, not kills)

  • Everyone is only given 1 life so play smart! And don't be afraid to try and sabotage your opposing team!

  • The server difficulty will be set to "I'm to young to die" this is done for the extra ammunition and half damage caused by monsters.

  • There will be a weekly round system again, so don't put off your matches to the end of the month!

  • If you fail to turn up for your game, you will be banned from the current tourney as well as the following one.

  • You must contact your opponent ASAP after you find out who they are and arrange a time to play. If you miss your match and the other player turns up, the above rule applies. If neither player turns up, the above rule also applies.

  • Post your scores in the tournament thread or PM them to a Tournament Administrator (dewww or Tobi).

  • Be sure to post on the forums at least once every round. If your match doesn't get played for whatever reason, then we have no record to what extent both of you tried to contact each other. The result will be a double DQ.

  • Rematches are no longer allowed. If you have a problem during your match, speak to your apponent to arrange another time as soon as the problem becomes apparent.

  • Tourney admin must be notified before the end of a round if extra time for playing your match is needed; Failure to do so will result in DQ.

  • It is highly recommended that both players record demos and take screenshots of the game. It will be easier for the Admins to deal with disputes about matches if all the resources are with them.

  • Server disputes should be solved by common sense. If you can't come to an agreement, contact an admin to make a decision. But don't expect it to be amicable and fair to everyone, as it's probably impossible at this point.


Team registration: 1/4/11 - 5/4/11
Round dates: weekly

WADs: hans monument + nohoming

Map: map04
Players: 16 (8 teams)
DMFLAGS1/2: 81956 / 35094080
Tourney type: NS survival
Skill: 0 - ITYTD
Server: L@P Germany, GrandVoid

Please use this thread for registration as we'll be using our bracket system!