ZDaemon 1.10.20 has been released - Happy New Year! (Almost..)

2021-12-31 • AF-Domains • (General ZDaemon News)           

ZDaemon 1.10.20 is now available; ZDaemon Launcher users will be able to update by going to Help -> Check for Updates.

The Linux and BSD ZServ binaries are available via the Downloads page.

This version contains several nice additions, improvements and fixes; for the full run-down you'll want to check out the changelog.

Please note: Similar to the last release, 1.10.20 servers will require all players to update to the latest version.

Some highlights:

- Line special 'Teleport_NewMap' usage: if a nextmap entry is defined
in the mapinfo and maplist for the map in question, when exiting as
a result of triggering the special the server will switch to that
specific map; if the map isn't present on the maplist a warning
will be displayed.

- Fixed the bad Y-offset for scaled textures. (See changelog for more information)

- DDOM and KotH compass on the HUD are scaled to screen height now.

- Added a new dmflag (DF3_NOSPY = 16) and an associated CVAR
(sv_nospy). It blocks in all gamemodes spectating (for players),
team radar and other players shown on the automap.

- CVAR 'spy_trig_join' added. When activated it changes the view of
spectators when a player joins the game. Settings can be:
* list 0-6 like other spy triggers (see changelog).
* $nickname.
* #player_id (will automatically changed to $nickname).

- Implementation of multi-threaded rendering. It can utilize more
CPU cores for rendering, so it will increase the FPS when using
SSAA. Controled by the "vid_render_threads" CVAR; can range from
1 up to 16: defaults to 8.

- RGB adjustment for balancing screens or people with a reduced
colour perception. Only two colours can be adjusted to a
positive value to avoid brightness advantage.

- Support for "unusual" gettable dehacked things has been added.
(Click here for more information)

- Pressing F1 in a sub menu will show the CVAR/command name of the
selected entry.

- Added a new option (vid_disk) to 'video options' that will enable
the floppy disk graphic (STDISK) to display whenever a read or
write event occurs. This mimics the old-school behaviour for
when disk activity was detected.

Our DeHackEd Supplement text documents have also been updated.