Wadazine Flag Fest #05 32in24-16 Part I

2021-10-16 • Flambeau • (Blogs - Flambeau)           

Welcome to Wadazine Flag Fest!

This week we will play part 1 of 32in24-16!

Date: Sunday, 17th October 2021

US Session : 6:00PM CDT / 00:00 BST
Location : Dwango United New Jersey

Introducing, a new fantastical multiplayer event promoted by the Wadazine, the Flag Fest event! As the name implies, this event is centered around the all-mighty Capture-the-Flag mode, a classic game mode that’s been around since the golden days. An event of pure adrenaline and teamwork, multiplied by 3 thanks to the sheer beauty that Doom is.

In this event, 2 teams will go against each other and see how many wins they can nail by capturing the limit of flags first, or having the highest number of flags captured once the timer runs out. You know it! The usual drill of the classic Red vs Blue, now in Doom fashion.
Our main goal is to bring back some casual fun into the CTF scene, so we implore you to join us, no matter your level of expertise, we are here to have fun, frag some brains out and take the flags of our enemies in glorious multiplayer combat. Let’s take the flag together on Sundays!

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