MDF Judas July Duel Sunday

2020-07-23 • Flambeau • (Blogs - Flambeau)           

The Multiplayer Doom Federations Judas July Sunday

Don't miss out on more Judas July action this coming Sunday!
Matches beginning at 3:00PM EDT and running all the way through 5:30PM EDT.

Nexus_6 vs Souler @ 3:00pm EDT Sunday
GhostFace vs Hugo @ 3:30pm EDT Sunday
LittleBeast vs Souler/Nexus_6 @ 4:00pm EDT Sunday
BFG vs GhoustFace/Hugo @ 4:30pm EDT Sunday

Winner Bracket Final: thebestkiller vs Player4 @ 5:00pm EDT Sunday

All matches will be streamed on tastyspleentv and make sure you add the event to your calendar using the MDF website

Date: Sunday 26th July
Time: 15:00 EDT - 17:30 EDT

More information Multiplayer DoomFederation Discord