MDF Judas July Duel Tournament

2020-06-24 • Flambeau • (Blogs - Flambeau)           

The Multiplayer Doom Federation Present: Judas July

Date: The entire month of July


Judas July will be a double elimination 1 on 1 tournament throughout the month of July. The games are to be played on the weekends, giving us 8 days out of the month of July of nothing but Judas!

Our goal is to be completed with the tournament by the end of July, so you should expect to play several games each weekend should the sign-up pool be decent in size. That said, we will be very strict about games being played in a timely fashion: meaning that if a player is to not show up for a scheduled map, we will disqualify said player without hesitation. While we want these events to be played out on the weekend, we do understand that schedule conflict is inevitable, and for that reason we are willing to make some exceptions so long as both players scheduled for a match approach a tournament administrator.

Signup: Deadline on June, 28th.

More information and signups on Multiplayer Doom Federation Discord or ZDaemon Forum