Euro February '12 New School Tournament

2012-01-31 • Evolution • (European Tournaments)           

You might remember the epic xc7 Grandslam from mid-2010 that played host to a series of spectacular games and epic finale that shocked all bookmakers as David rocked several Goliaths.

I really wanted to get a pacey instagib shootout underway for our first 1.09 NS tourney and this one was the first that screamed "use me!", so here we are. Without further ado, we present to you:

>> Instagib xc7 <<

Sign up Link :

Sign up instructions

1. Go to the website find the Euro February '12 New School Tournament on the front page.

2. Next to the tournament name click on “Register Here” .

3. Read the tournament rules carefully. Once read, scroll to the bottom and enter the required information then you’re done!

So come on down and put your money where your railgun is... ;)