ZDaemon 1.10.10 has been released

2019-12-13 • AF-Domains • (General ZDaemon News)           

ZDaemon 1.10.10 is now available (and will be automatically installed for you by the ZLauncher). You will find several nice fixes, additions and improvements; just check the changelog.

The Linux and BSD zserv binaries are now available via the Downloads page.


- New ACS functions to change the behavior of Artifacts. When the artifact is used "script" will be executed instead of the hard coded action.

- Implementation of BetaSkull and BetaSkullAttack (dehacked).

- "auto_altwads" updated to Freedoom 0.12.1.

- Bloodsplat decals (blood on the wall from damaging monsters/players) work online now.

- Respawning of ArtiInvulnerability and ArtiInvisibility depends on the dmflag DF_RESPAWN_SUPER (sv_respawnsuper) now.

- Fixed an issue that could make a bad packet cause a nameless player in game.

- and other various fixes and improvements

And if you dont have ZDaemon installed yet, get the 2019-12-13 release: ZDaemon 1.10.10 here!