ZDS #632 - DooM2 BETA!

2019-10-10 • Krawa • (ZDS News)           

Dear ZDaemon community,

This Saturday we are going to play an unfinished version of DooM II!
You heard right, beta versions of the maps we all love. Additionally,
since the engine was not finished yet the monsters were different too.
We tried to simulate this as best as we could so we will get the real
DooM 2 experience this weekend. Furthermore, we will play it with
Kill 'em all such that we can explore the full glory of the levels.
So tell everybody who cares about DooM that this Saturday they
have to keep the evening free!

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Date: Saturday 12th October 2019
Euro: 19:30 BST / 1:30 pm CDT
US: 01:00 BST / 7:00 pm CDT