ZDaemon Articles and Guides

2019-04-19 • Flambeau • (Blogs - Flambeau)           

Hey everyone!

Since a few weeks there is a new section at the ZDaemon Forums. It is the "ZDaemon Articles and Guides" section.

The idea is that it will be filled with usefull information and guides that will help with all kind of ZD related topics.
It will range from the basics of how to use ZDaemon client, how to use server settings to ZDaemon specific mapping items or supported ACS functions.
Much has already written in the forums, but since some of those guides have not been updated to the recent release or some even got lost in time, we will try and make it a bit more searchable and up to date.

Krawa has already made a guide on how to use TiMidity++ in ZDaemon
Oxyde has made a guide on "how to use ZSwizard", SITREP and he even remade the lost guide on SECTINFO
JCD is still working hard on making some nice ACS articles

Check the "ZDaemon Articles and Guides" section from time to time to see if some new articles have been posted.
If you have a question, or if you want to request a helpfull guide or article you can contact us by sending a message to either me, JCD, Oxyde or Krawa in ZRC