Duel Mode - Details

2018-04-12 • AF-Domains • (General ZDaemon News)           

With the new Duel Mode, it introduces a structured game.

By default when you join with another non-bot player, it is in the "Warmup" phase.

This will last 5 minutes by default before it resets.

In order to start an actual game, you will need to go to the console and execute:
callvote game

Once both players agree, a countdown of 5 seconds will commence, the map will reset and both players will automatically join.

In order to abort a game without disconnecting, execute the following:
callvote cancel

Once both players agree, the map will reset and you will be returned to the "Warmup" phase again, players won't be auto-joined. Statistics are not recorded during this time.

Note: If server-side demo recording is enabled, only the actual games will be recorded, warmup sessions are ignored.

A game will end if the following occurs:
1) A player wins the game (Normal)
2) A player disconnects (Forfeit)
3) A player remains dead for too long (if force respawn is disabled) (Forfeit)
4) Callvote Cancel is called (statistics not collected in this instance on enabled servers)