Software Change Log

ZDaemon Server Wizard changes
          Changelog for the ZDaemon Server Wizard

          Please Note: Some of the changes have
          been consolidated into the next
          referenced version. -

1. 0.1.1 release (2012-11-02)
 1. Added in a few safety checks to ensure that the zswizard will
    function when it is run outside of the ZDaemon installation
    directory. If the zswizard is run in such a manner, a warning will
    be displayed in the wizard area and you'll be able to manually set
    a WAD directory.

 2. Added in the missing Voting UI checks depending on which checkboxes
    are ticked or not.

2. 0.1.2 release (2012-12-06)
 1. Fixed the preset status indicator while the zswizard is being run
    under Win9x.

 2. Widescreen DMFLAG has been added.

 3. Fixed the "NS Coop" DMFlag preset.

3. 0.2 release (2013-02-08)
 1. Minor visual fixes.

 2. Fixed several inconsistencies with the gamemode comboboxes in the
    various areas (Wizard, Full Area, Gameplay Flags).

 3. The fonts are now initialised during the options read-in.

 4. Added in the "Server Demo" and "Wad Transfer" options and sections.

 5. "Gravity" and "Air Control" labels in the Environment dialogue have
    been adjusted to reference that their selection is a percentage.

 6. The port can now be modified from the Wizard dialogue.

 7. "Commentator" section added to the "Voice Chat" section.

 8. "Commentary Mode" added to the "Voice Chat" combobox.

 9. Added the ability to re-position items in the following sections:
    a) Misc. CMDs
    b) CVAR Overrides
    c) Limited RCON Commands

10. Support for "Max Player" of 1 has been added. (Coop and Survival)

11. Updated the "NS Coop" DMFlag preset.

12. Made the filename warning a bit more detailed.

13. "Server Demos" button added to the Wizard dialogue.

4. 0.3 release (2013-05-16)
 1. "Multi Keybinds" DMFLAG has been added.

 2. "OS Jump" DMFLAG2 has been removed.

 3. "Air Control" combobox has been adjusted to properly differentiate
    between ZDoom "0" (NS) and Doom/Absolute "0" (OS).

 4. "Double-Jumping" DMFLAG2 has been added.

 5. Improvements made  when it comes to determining the state of the
    ZServ/ZServ32 process.

 6. Support for Doom/Heretic Episode range definitions in the "Maps"
    dialogue while "Manual" is enabled.

 7. Added the "Lobby" variable to the "Misc CMDs" area; when it is set
    it'll automatically account for the "map00" map entry when the
    configuration file is saved. (There's no need to manually add it
    via the "Maps" area)

 8. "Bright Skins" DMFLAG2 has been added.

 9. "Join Password", "Email" and "URL" have been added to the Wizard

10. The PID of the running server is now stored; this allows for the
    zswizard to re-attach to the process after a program restart if
    the server is still running.

5. 0.5 release (2013-06-24)
 1. Presets can now be unloaded from the Wizard dialogue.

 2. A status indicator has been added to the Wizard dialogue it'll
    display when a preset is loaded/saved/deleted.

 3. If while in the main area you load a preset and then switch to the
    Wizard (via File -> Server Setup Wizard), it will take you directly
    to Step 1.

 4. The zserv.cfg is now generated internally rather than from an
    external template.

 5. Added a button in both the Wizard dialogue and Main area that'll
    open up the zserv00 directory. (All generated files and logs are
    stored there)

6. 0.6 release (2013-10-10)
 1. Maximum Slots (Client/Player) bumped from 50 to 100.

 2. "Optional" flag added to the WADs dialogue. The "Optional" flag
    ONLY needs to be ticked if the given wad shouldn't be required by
    the connecting player. (If it is a critical WAD or you're unsure,
    leave this flag disabled)

 3. Removed the original separate "Optional WADs" section.

 4. "Auto-Restart" functionality added. (Error message dialogues from
    the ZServ/ZServ32 are suppressed when enabled)

 5. "Options" dialogue added (Settings -> Server -> Options..); you
    will be able to configure various auto-restart options from there:
    a) Maximum number of restart attempts
    b) Min/Max delay (in seconds); this is for determining a randomised
       delay before the server process will restart.

 6. The inaugural "Instant Teleports" DMFLAG3 has been added.

 7. Default protocol is now for 1.10.

 8. "Advanced" and "Misc CMDs" button added to the Wizard area.

 9. "Limited" log and "Log Publishing" settings have been added to the
    "Logging" section (Not available when accessed via the Wizard area)

7. 0.8 release (2013-11-23)
 1. *** Major internal restructuring has been performed; changes are
    too numerous to reference. ***

8. 0.9 release (2015-02-06)
 1. Added in a short-term memory; if a preset is loaded and then
    unloaded WITHOUT saving or setting params, it'll restore the
    previous settings that were defined.

 2. "Auto Reset" (after all joined players have disconnected) has been
    adjusted from a boolean to account for the following options:
    a) No (Map will not reset)
    b) Yes (Map will reset)
    c) Next Map (The server will skip to the next map on the maplist)

 3. "Heretic Coop" DMFlag preset has been updated.

 4. "Join Server" button has been added.

 5. "Advertise" combobox has been added to the Wizard area.

 6. Manual values can now be entered into the "Heapsize" combobox.
    (This is not available via the Wizard area)

 7. "NS Coop" DMFlag preset has been corrected.

 8. The IWAD filename in the "Game" combobox is now correctly used
    when determining the positioning.

 9. Bug fix; each individual PWAD entry is now encompassed with
    quotation marks to ensure that directories containing spaces aren't
    erroneously split-up into separate parameters.

10. The CVAR Overrides are no longer automatically sorted;
    their position can now be manually adjusted.

11. "Alt. WADs" section added; this is only accessible via the Main
    area with Expert mode enabled (Mode -> Expert).

9. 0.92 release (2016-11-01)
 1. "Add Custom Entry" button added to the "Maps" dialogue; it is only
    enabled while "Manual" is ticked. (Not available when accessed via
    the Wizard area)

 2. "Auto Alt. WAD" setting added to the "Advanced" section.
    this is only accessible via the Main area with Expert mode enabled
    (Mode -> Expert).

10. 0.94 release (2018-02-18)
 1. Extensive changes made to the handling of a spawned server process.

 2. "Allow Chase Mode" DMFLAG3 has been added.

 3. Removed zsmon.exe dependency for Auto-Restart functionality.

 4. Miscellaneous changes to improve WINE compatibility.

 5. Miscellaneous fixes to account for inconsistencies under Win10.

11. 0.941 release (2018-04-07)
 1. "Infinite Items" DMFLAG3 has been added.

 2. Internal config generation function has been updated to account for
    new cvars.

 3. The new "Duel" Game Mode (9) has been added with the associated
    "Warmup Limit" setting.

12. 0.943 release (2018-06-16)
 1. "Kill" log option has been added to the "Logging" section.

 2. Detection for custom IWADs has been implemented.

 3. Improvements made when it comes to the internal transference of

13. 0.9443 release (2019-08-11)
 1. "Episode Inventory Reset" DMFLAG3 has been added.

 2. The maxclients variable has now been moved from the generated
    zserv.cfg file over to the .zdr response file.

 3. A "Survival" DMFlag preset has been added.

 4. When switching from Cooperative to Survival, the timelimit is set
    to 0. (It can be set again afterwards - this is to prevent the odd
    situation whereas a timelimit is still set without realising)

 5. Maximum number of possible PWADs has been increased from 7 to 15.

 6. "Log Scores" setting has been added to the "Logging" section.
    (Not available when accessed via the Wizard area)

14. 0.9445 release (2022-05-15)
 1. Updated the internal zserv.cfg template.

 2. Increased the "Heapsize" combobox range to 95.

 3. WINE corrections to account for an oddity that only manifested
    with editable comboboxes.

 4. Default internal font adjusted from "MS Sans Serif" to "Tahoma".

 5. "Allow Spy" DMFLAG3 has been added.

 6. "Log Scores" control has been adjusted from a boolean to account
    for the following options:
    a) Disabled
    b) Only Map Exit (Intermission output only displayed on Map Exit)
    c) All Map Change/Reset Events (Intermission output is displayed
       for all exit, change and reset events)

 7. Re-worked the "Logging" dialogue layout for both the Wizard and
    Main areas.

 8. "Server Demos" "Min. Time (sec)" combobox has been modified to
    accept a manually entered value. (Not available when accessed via
    the Wizard area)

 9. Corrected an issue whereas both the "HTTP URL" and "Warmup Limit"
    were not being transferred while switching between Wizard and Main
    (and vice versa).

10. "Unusual Pickups (DeH)" and "Mismatch Correction (DeH)" DMFLAGS3
    have been added.

11. Adjusted the handling of the "Game Mode" combobox whereas it'll now
    only toggle the "Allow Exit" and "Spawn Monsters" DMFLAGS if you're
    switching from a cooperative-type to a deathmatch-type game mode.
    The mode classifications are as follows:
    - Cooperative-type:
      * Cooperative
      * Survival
    - Deathmatch-Type
      * 1-on-1
      * Duel
      * FFA
      * Team Deathmatch
      * Capture The Flag
      * Double Domination
      * King of the Hill

12. Fixed a crash that would occur under certain rare circumstances
    when there aren't any wad directories defined.

13. If a defined wad directory doesn't contain a slash at the end of
    its path, it is now properly accounted for.
 -- 2022-07-18 --

14. Improved upon a long-standing issue that had resulted in various
    GUI items not properly appearing when run under Win9x.

15. 0.9446 release (2022-07-19)
 1. Added similar detection to the Skill labels that exists within
    the ZDaemon Launcher; if you select a Doom, Heretic, Hexen, Hacx
    "Game" it'll adjust the labels accordingly.

    Note: Hexen skill labels for the different classes are combined.

 2. Added a "Scan for Custom IWADs" button to both the Wizard and Full
    areas; this replaces the automatic detection at startup to avoid
    a misleading non-responsive appearance.

    Note: If a given preset already utilises a custom IWAD, it'll
    look for that one specifically in-addition to the usual defaults.

16. 0.9447 release (2023-08-30)
 1. Added in the new "Display Mode" selection menu in order to account
    for easier selection of display types and the extension of
    available modes.

 2. "GamePlay Flags" and "DMFlags" is now simply "Game Flags" in both
    the Wizard and Full areas.

 3. The "Game Template" selection menu has been moved out of the
    "Game Flags" dialogue and placed within the main Wizard and Full

 4. Resolved an issue that resulted in the incorrect "Skill" labels
    being displayed under certain circumstances.

 5. A warning requester will now be displayed when you attempt to set
    a WAD as optional. This requester will only be displayed once
    until the Extra WADs dialogue is re-opened.

17. 0.9448 release (2023-11-21)
 1. Chex Quest is now a selectable game.