Software Change Log

1.07 → 1.08 changes
             Changelog for the ZDaemon 1.07 -> 1.08 transition

1. Point 01 release (Aug 31, 2004)
 1. Changed the behavior of spectators: they can now fly without any
    gravity as well as use mouselook on any server (similar to UT).
 2. Moved the experience display in the DM and TDM scoreboards
    when using a full screen HUD.
 3. Fixed a bug in the scaling of the team color background in TDM
    when using a full screen HUD and st_scale=true
 4. Fixed the saving/restoring of the pwo. Got rid of the "getpwo"
    and "setpwo" commands as well as the pref_weapon_X CVARs; they're
    replaced by a single CVAR called "pwo" that uses the same format
    as getpwo/setpwo. 
 5. Added the +showscores command to the key customization menus
 6. Extended the operation of the on-screen timer: if there is no time
    limit on the map, it shows the time since you connected. Can be
    useful on games with respawning items and no time limit.
 7. Added a new dmflag to avoid killing people on exit
 8. Fixed some 1st/3rd view problems while viewing demos.
 9. Added some vertical space between players and spectators in the new
    DM and Coop scoreboards.
10. Fixed a problem with the sliders in the Heretic menu
11. Added a "cl_maxbodies" CVAR that controls the number of dead bodies
    displayed. It can range from 1 to 32; defaults to 16.
12. Fixed a problem with the PWO; the server assumed that you always
    switched to a picked up weapon and that created anomalies when its
    priority was lower than the one you were holding.
13. Fixed a PWO-related client crash when you picked up multiple weapons
14. Enabled a "server provider ban list" that can be shared among various
    instances of zserv; the idea is to enable providers of a large number
    of zservs to maintain a single ban list without going to the hassle
    of updating the ban list for each of their zservs. The feature is
    enabled by specifying the "banlist_url" CVAR inside zserv.cfg. It
    can contain either an http or ftp URL to the ban list.
15. Fixed the underscore bug where a kill+suicide on the same tick would
    trigger the end of game.
16. Implemented a fix for the jackhammer bug (view violently shaking
    as you stand still on stairs) that also produces smoother movement
    for higher pings. The fix is not 100% finished (there is something
    else related on the server and we're looking into it), but we feel
    that even this partial fix is worthwhile. If you dislike its side
    effects (there are some relatively small anomalies as you come out
    of teleports), you can type "cl_floorfix 0" in the client console
    to disable it.
17. Fixed the "chat_block spectators" command so that people who were
    actually in-game, are not considered spectators at the end of the
18. Changed the default red/blue/green/white team colors to darker shades.
19. Implemented the display of target names when allowed by the server.
    There is an entry in the Display Options menu to turn it on/off.
20. Added a client CVAR called "cl_showpressuse" that determines if
    the string "Press the 'USE' key to join" is displayed. It defaults
    to true, but it can be turned off if you like; this is useful for
    taking screenshots in spectator mode.
21. Fixed the weapnext/weapprev commands when switch to empty was enabled.
22. Improved the PWO method: when you pick up a weapon, you switch to
    it, only if the weapon has higher priority than the one you're holding
    AND you are not firing at the moment.
23. Made a netcode fix to prevent out of order packets. If you see weird
    behavior and want to disable the fix, type "cl_lastticfix 0" in the
    client console.
24. There is a new server CVAR called "block_color_switching". If non-zero,
    the server will block anyone who switches colors unless he's dead or
    spectating. This CVAR defaults to 1 and is also forced to that value
    if the server advertizes to the master.
25. Added special ("unlagged") network code to compensate for the latency
    in instant hit weapons (pistol, sg, ssg, cg, rg). This increases the
    shooting accuracy of high pingers significantly. The activation of the
    unlagged code is controled through the "sv_unlag" server CVAR which
    defaults to true; you can experiment setting it to false to determine
    how it affects the accuracy. Note that this is not a full solution
    for the ping problem; it is a good start however.
26. The time reported by the server is reset to zero when a spectator
    joins the game. Therefore, the time reported for spectators is the
    time since connection, while the time reported for players is the
    actual playing time.
27. The PWO info is now sent from the player to the server so that the
    server handles weapon pickups properly.

1.08 release (December 21, 2005)
 1. Adapted the entire audio code from zdoom 2.0.96. This avoids some
    crashes in the old code, improves midi/mod handling and also adds
    FLAC support.
 2. New audio option to mute when out of focus
 3. New master volume control to separate the sound effects volume
    from the other categories.
 4. Fixed a problem where the client would display the wrong armor
 5. Implemented support for custom voice packs
 6. PWO / pickup switching method is now sent from the server to all
    clients to improve the weapon display while spying.
 7. The "zbot" skin is now unavailable to human players.
 8. Netcode fixes for less and more stable traffic.
 9. Improved compression over the wire.
10. Added a "netstats" cvar that can take the values of:
      0 -> no stats
      1 -> numerical
      2 -> graph
11. Added a "cycle_netstats" command that does the obvious. It's meant
    to be bound to some key to make it easy to monitor net usage while
12. Fixed a small bug in unlagged: improves the shooting accuracy a bit.
13. Various security improvements.