ZDaemon ACS Extensions - GetPlayerInfo

GetPlayerInfo() extensions

Additional constants for the GetPlayerInfo() ACS function, so it can access more player-related data:
  • PLAYERINFO_ITEMS: the player's item count.
  • PLAYERINFO_HEALTH: the player's current health.
  • PLAYERINFO_ARMOR: the player's current armor.
  • PLAYERINFO_SECRETS: the player's secret count.
  • PLAYERINFO_KILLS: the player's kill (NOT frag) count.
  • PLAYERINFO_DEATHS: the player's death count.
  • PLAYERINFO_SUICIDES: the player's suicide count.
  • PLAYERINFO_PTS_1: the primary criterion for the current gamemode. It pertains to frags in DM, damage in coop/survival, points in CTF/DDOM/KOTH.
  • PLAYERINFO_PTS_2: the secondary criterion for the current gamemode. It pertains to deaths in DM, and kills in coop/survival.
  • PLAYERINFO_PTS_3: the tertiary criterion for the current gamemode. It pertains to deaths in coop/survival.
  • PLAYERINFO_TIME: the time (in game ticks) since the player last spawned (in the current level); -1 if he hasn't.
  • PLAYERINFO_USR_1...PLAYERINFO_USR_10: Ten user-defined counters that may be used by modders for any purpose.
  • PLAYERINFO_MORPHTICS: remaining tics countdown when the player has been morphed to chicken/pig.
  • PLAYERINFO_READYWEAPON: selected weapon.
The following constant also checks spectators for the required data:
  • PLAYERINFO_SSDCLIENT: Detects whether the SSD client is currently present.