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2012-10-27 • Evolution • (Blogs - Evolution)

I present to you two articles I enjoyed reading earlier today. The former sourced from this doomworld thread; the latter found via a duckduckgo search from my thirst for more views on the modern gaming industry.


ZDL & ZDaemonTV

2012-10-24 • Evolution • (Blogs - Evolution)

With the Duelers League flowing as well as it is, I plan on harvesting the demos and recording HD footage of every game for YouTube. That's a serious amount of games indeed, so anybody willing to help record and upload some can most certainly do so as long as we can get some strict rules to maintain constant quality and presentation across all uploads.

Message [dp]Evolution in ZRC Chat or send me an email if you are interested in helping out.

All videos will be uploaded to:


>> King of the Hill - Mapping Competition <<

2012-08-11 • Evolution • (Blogs - Evolution)

Alright, people. It's time to let you all in on a very big plan Dannyboy and myself have been ironing out in IRC and TS. We have the rules, servers, and even the website all set up and ready to be filled with teams. We just need better maps. So, basically...


We scanned through the latest KotH pack and only managed to salvage two worthy maps suitable for a private/tourney game. We have also shortlisted a few CTF maps which may be suitable with a little nip/tuck here and there. The thing is... We plan to have a larger maplist here, so we will definitely need 3 or 4 more maps, tailored for 3vs3 koth, from the community.

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